The wambo project

Wambo is a long thought-out project by a team of development, marketing and art experts.

Wambo aspires to anchor meme in reality.

    1. Our NFT store will offer you to acquire at auction works of art made by renowned illustrators, reinterpreting or magnifying popular memes.
    2. Wambo makes the memes “when panda” “when lambo” and “to the moon” a reality by devoting a large part of the commissions to the constitution of a pot which aims to make win to its holders, in the following order:

A fiat panda sport*
A Tesla modèle S*
A Lamborghini Huracan*
And more valuables prizes…

Wambo… When the meme becomes reality
*Only those who didn’t sell any Wambo are eligible to the lottery

The story


The team


The Platinum Apes Team is a collective of developers, entrepreneurs, artists, influencers with a common passion: DEFI. As they faced the multiple issues of the BSC (scams, rugpulls…) they decided to stop being taken advantage of, and to create their own, safe, honest and creative tokens.
Wambo is the first in a long series, an idea that became a vision, on which we worked for weeks. Now, it is yours.

If you are an artist and wich to sell your NFTs write to artist@wambocoin.io

If you want to collaborate with the team write to business@wambocoin.io

roadmap to lambo

Pre sale & Listing
  • Buy tokens before the launch at a very good price!
  • Buy talented artists and creators

Total fees 8%


Redistribution in BNB




Liquidity pool


Marketing wallet

  • completion 40% 40%

you need to have at least 200K Wambo coins to be eligible to the BNB reward

Fiat Panda Sport

How to buy


contract : 0x1a9598dE92Af066e46dABDbBa64cdDe21284C489

If you already have BNB on your wallet CLICK HERE

If you don’t, follow this short and simple tutorial.
You need a Metamask Wallet and a CEX account of your choice (Binance, Kucoin…)